Let’s build a file encrypter with Python

Today we’re going to take a bit of a detour from web development and head more towards the realm of software development, while dunking our toes into the world of intrigue that is cryptography and information security. I used a lot of buzzwords there but do not be alarmed! I intend this tutorial to be accessible to all programming levels, however having prior knowledge of Python or another object oriented programming language, and knowing your way around the command line, will make it a lot easier to follow along. Even if this sounds all over your head, I encourage you to continue reading. There is no better way to learn than to tackle a hard problem, deconstruct it, and identify the what you know and what you don’t know. If my computer science degree taught me anything, it’s that Google is my best friend. With that being said, let’s get this started!

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Styling your first webpage with CSS

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If you’ve followed along, then you’ve created your very own webpage using HTML and put it on the web using Netlify. You probably noticed that it’s very plain-looking. That’s because we haven’t specified how anything should look. By default, the browser applies some basic styles—headings are big and bold, lists are indented, links are blue and underlined.

These default styles get the point across and make the site usable, but we could definitely make some improvements and use our own sense of style to add some personality. Design on the web is a big, wonderful world, with many resources to help yourself learn and improve. Here’s a great book on web design made for non-designers.

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Empower Through Web Development →

This is a guest post that I wrote for CSS-Tricks a while back. This is the story of why I fell in love with web development and why think it’s a great career, especially for people with disabilities.

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Web design in 4 minutes →

I plan to do a little of an introduction to CSS to follow up my post about making your first website. But until then this is a nice walkthrough of adding some visual styles to a webpage made with default HTML styling.

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When the keyboard and mouse are not enough

The QWERTY keyboard, the laptop trackpad, and the standard, two-button mouse immediately come to mind when thinking of how one interacts with a computer. But if you have difficulty using these peripherals, or even if you just want to be more efficient, it’s helpful to think about the alternatives.

And there are alternatives. A plethora of them. It wouldn’t be possible to cover them all in one article—and maybe not even in a whole website. But I want to point your attention to a few as a way to get you to thinking about alternative input methods and how they might benefit you. It shouldn’t be difficult to use your computer. It’s a computer—it should be working for you.

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Getting Started with Voice Driven Development →

This is a little bit of an advanced read if you are just starting out. But I wanted to link to it to demonstrate that it’s possible to code even if you have extreme difficulty typing on a hardware keyboard—or even if you can’t type on a hardware keyboard at all.Talon is the software that I use to code by voice (I also use an onscreen keyboard, but that’s for another post). It’s Mac-only for now, but it’s coming to Windows and Linux very soon.

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CSS-Tricks →

Don’t let the name fool you. CSS-Tricks is more than just CSS (the styling language of the web). It covers beginner-level to expert-level topics in web development. In my opinion, it shines in its ability to deliver practical, insightful intermediate-level topics.For anyone just starting out, you will undoubtedly become familiar with CSS-Tricks as it often holds the top spots on search results pages for common web dev searches. This is because CSS-Tricks offers an enormous amount of quality content, including in-depth guides, a library of helpful code snippets, and a full-blown CSS reference with explanation and examples.

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Your first webpage with HTML and Netlify

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Ok, you have decided it would be cool if you knew how to code a webpage. Now what? This article is going to take you from nothing to having your own website on the internet. Provided you have a computer and an internet connection, the following guide will get you online with your very first webpage—for free.

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Booting up

I (Blake) created Able Dev because I think web development is a great field for people with disabilities to get into. Having the skills required to make a website are helpful for a number of reasons:

There are a lot of sites about web development. This one is for developers with disabilities. In addition to resources for learning web development and programming in general, Able Dev will explore assistive technology and other disability related issues.

Stay tuned.

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