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Empower Through Web Development →

This is a guest post that I wrote for CSS-Tricks a while back. This is the story of why I fell in love with web development and why think it’s a great career, especially for people with disabilities.

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When the keyboard and mouse are not enough

The QWERTY keyboard, the laptop trackpad, and the standard, two-button mouse immediately come to mind when thinking of how one interacts with a computer. But if you have difficulty using these peripherals, or even if you just want to be more efficient, it’s helpful to think about the alternatives.

And there are alternatives. A plethora of them. It wouldn’t be possible to cover them all in one article—and maybe not even in a whole website. But I want to point your attention to a few as a way to get you to thinking about alternative input methods and how they might benefit you. It shouldn’t be difficult to use your computer. It’s a computer—it should be working for you.

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Getting Started with Voice Driven Development →

This is a little bit of an advanced read if you are just starting out. But I wanted to link to it to demonstrate that it’s possible to code even if you have extreme difficulty typing on a hardware keyboard—or even if you can’t type on a hardware keyboard at all.Talon is the software that I use to code by voice (I also use an onscreen keyboard, but that’s for another post). It’s Mac-only for now, but it’s coming to Windows and Linux very soon.

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