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Styling your first webpage with CSS

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If you’ve followed along, then you’ve created your very own webpage using HTML and put it on the web using Netlify. You probably noticed that it’s very plain-looking. That’s because we haven’t specified how anything should look. By default, the browser applies some basic styles—headings are big and bold, lists are indented, links are blue and underlined.

These default styles get the point across and make the site usable, but we could definitely make some improvements and use our own sense of style to add some personality. Design on the web is a big, wonderful world, with many resources to help yourself learn and improve. Here’s a great book on web design made for non-designers.

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Web design in 4 minutes →

I plan to do a little of an introduction to CSS to follow up my post about making your first website. But until then this is a nice walkthrough of adding some visual styles to a webpage made with default HTML styling.

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